Sunday, 10 February 2013

How to change space bar text (Updated)


The old method is no longer working for the new ios. 
Here is a new tutorial for changing of spacebar text (IOS 6.X)

Step 1: Select System.

Step 2: Select Library.

Step 3: Select TextInput.

Step 4: Select TextInput_en.bundle.

Step 5: Select Keyboard-en.plist. Choose Property List Viewer.

Step 6: Search for UI-Space, enter desired text, respring, done!

Thanks to @MrsKittyYi/ :)


1. Download iFile from Cydia. If you already have it skip to step 2.
2. Open iFile and navigate to /System/Library/Frameworks/UIKit.framework
3. Select the file Keyboard-en.plist
4. When it asks how to view it choose "Property List Viewer"
5. Scroll down till you see UI-Space on the left side and "Space" on the right side.
6. Select UI-Space - Space
7. Input whatever you want here.
8. Click the back button, then "done"
9. Respring
10. Check out your new space bar.