Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Hello Kitty Theme

Finally, a somewhat full Hello Kitty Theme! Its a simple pink Hello Kitty Theme, pardon me if its not as well done since its my first time :-)


Theme Includes:

Lockscreen Battery, Camera Grabber, Slider Color (Pink Gradient)
Folder, Icons, Translucent Pink Status Bar
(Original Icons from delightfullyapple)

Notification Centre (SBSettings NOT Included)
I Love Hello Kitty Pink Banner

Clock Background, NavBar (Included in whole theme), Pressed Buttons
Media Player Slider (Can be seen on LS Slider too), Album Image

BiteSMS Popup (Everything else in background not included)
SMS Bubbles and Background Wallpaper

I might miss out a few things that's in the theme but not shown here. 
DOWNLOAD and place files into var>stash>themes
and activate in winterboard. Have fun!