Thursday, 6 September 2012

Full Galaxy UI

Theme fixed! Removed my personal LS Battery sorry!

Lockscreen Battery: Click to go to post
Galaxy Icons: Click here to go post
Pastel Doodle Status Bar: Click here to go post

Place file in var>stash>themes.
Delete all bsbg images in var>mobile>library>caches.

Place zeppelin in library>zeppelins.

Place file in var>stash>themes.

Place file in library>colorkeyboard>themes.

Place file in var>mobile>library>sbsettings>theme.


This is one of the most complete theme i have on my blog.
I have added as many components as i can. 
For it to work as its best, change the wordings color for banner.
You may use ColorBanner from Cydia.

For tutorials, click on labels on the right sidebar to view.
Have fun!