Thursday, 21 February 2013

How to use cocoppa icons on your phone!

Many of us have found this really nice app that provides us with cute icons and wallies. However, one thing i dislike about the app is that it creates shortcuts using safari, and the icon images don't replace the original apps like how icons from themes found online do! I've found a way to extract the icon images and use them on your phone without using the shortcut method!

Applications you will need:
- iFile (Cydia)
- IconMaker (Cydia)
- Cocoppa (Appstore, its free!)
- Winterboard (Cydia) 

Before you start anything, turn ON summerboard. (Found in winterboard)

Step 1: Open cocoppa app, pick a desired icon, click on "share this image".

Step 2: Here im using twitter as seen on the left, copy the given link.

Step 3: Load URL in Safari. Click and hold onto icon to save image to camera roll.

Step 4: Open IconMaker, select the icon you have saved (as seen on left).
Make sure the right buttons are turned on and click on generate icon.
(Overlay is optional.)

Step 5: We will only be using the icons in the red box. (Ignore the other icons)
Rename them to desired icons. For example: biteSMS.png and biteSMS@2x.png
Icons have to be named according to app with exact spaces and capitalization.

Step 6: After renaming icons, copy/cut the icons. 
Go to var>stash>themes and create a new folder. 
After creating, open up the folder, and create another folder named "Icons".
Paste your icons here in the "Icons" folder.
Go to winterboard, select and respring.
Check tutorial on how to use custom icons here if you are still unsure. 

Have fun!