Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Tutorials Updated

Hi all, i have updated all my tutorials. 
Tutorials can be found on the right sidebar.

Install Themes
Change spacebar text 
Using Custom Icons on Desktop 
Using Custom Icons on iPhone 
Tweaks I Use

I have updated installing of biteSMS to an easier tutorial,
changing of spacebar text that works on ios 6.
I have also added step-by-step tutorials 
on using cutom icons for both iphone and desktop.
Also updated the tweaks i use with the new ios.

Do refer to tutorials if you need any help before asking me any questions.
If you need further help, kik/instamessage/email me.

*Note: I won't be teaching how to make themes. 
I will ignore questions asking me how to make themes etc from now on.

Happy themeing!